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I have been selected to review one of the nursing tanks from Undercover Mama. I was excited to be able to do this review as I still nurse my twelve month old. I constantly have to pull up my shirt, pull down my bra and hold it down in order for her to nurse efficiently.  My nursing bra does alleviate some of the nuisance of it all, however, I struggle to keep my shirt out of way.

When I received my nursing tank I wasn’t  quite  certain how it worked. I honestly had to find video on the how tos.  But then I got a hang of it and found it to be easy.



I chose black since it’s a “go with anything” color and also in case of any leakage (which does happen and can stain).


The tank goes on like any other, only it doesn’t have original straps. Instead you can hook it onto your nursing bra in two ways. There is a clear rubber stretch hoop which can loop over the detachable strap or you have the black hook (just like the hooks on a normal bra ) which you can pull through the bra strap itself. You can do both I suppose for extra support.



I fastened the black hook to one side just to show how that would look. But the rubber hoop poked out which ,to me, wouldn’t be so fashionable if I were to just wear this without an overshirt.



On the other side, I looped it.



Here is how it looks with one side using the hook and the other looped around detachable bra. I prefer the looping.

I can’t say that I don’t like this tank because  I do. It is convenient to nursing mothers and we need all the support we can get!  Thank you Undercover Mama!


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Undercover Mama!

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Basket Case

Since we bought our home in 2013, we really haven’t had the financial means to renovate. It’s a 1989 home with its natural wear and tears. We’ve   managed to  pump out the septic tank , repaint, replace the coils in our air unit, have our porch patched up to prevent leaks, and re-done the dry wall in our garage after it fell on one side. All  this in a the time frame  of three years.

Just recently, as a birthday gift my husband was gracious enough to renovate our laundry department.  For being a stay at home mother, having a nice/organized area that is of frequent usage helps eliminate the need for a mental evaluation.  My husband did not understand the desperation of this until it was done. Now, since he has more of a visual concept;  he is able to apply the logic . It just  makes doing the laundry more enjoyable,  how impossible that may sound.


Here is our starting point. Our laundry room is very (was) limited in space ( 6×7 ). The metal rack above the washer and dryer was a complete utter mess. Layered with randomized cleaning accessories and bottle cleaners that really had no business being there.

Our budget was simple and cost effective.  I found a picture of an easy-to-do laundry renovation via pinterest  ( well, of course) that suited the theme I wanted perfectly.

Lowe’s purchases

-VALSPER paint “beach sparkle ”

– 2 white 18′ cabinets

– white shelving boards

Amazon purchase

-Led 40 watt crystal bubble chandilier


With a handy-dandy brother in law to measure out the shelves , it all came together pretty efficiently.


With the aid of a little wine and  music I started on the fun.

I really loved the color of the room after it was done.  It certainly added a new feel automatically.



Then the boys did a fantastic job at installing the cabinets along with the shelves.  I had my lovely sister in law do her vinyl magic to create this…


I love it!


The bubble chandilier really adds an elegant and watery texture to the room.

To had accessory,  I bought the two wall decors from  hobby lobby , filled the glass bottles with detergent and used one old bubble jar to place clothespins in and fresh linens scent gel balls in the other.


Now,  all those randomized cleaning products have their own department and I am more organized.  It definitely makes a difference as I am more inclined to fold clothes in such a nice tranquil place.

Entire cost?

Roughly around  $300.

Who am I


My name is Amber. I spend my days with my little girls and begin my journey of becoming a published author by night. I take pride  in learning new and innovative ways of teaching myself as well as my toddler and using different techniques in crafting,organizing,cooking ,simple beauty routines,etc.I am a licensed Full Specialist. I graduated May of 2012. Beauty is my plan B in life but I have many passions and am goal oriented. Upon reading my blogs you’ll find out most of them. I am married to my opposite. He is a devoted husband and loving father, not to forget to mention a computer wiz. He does I.T. work and has a Bachelors in Management Information Systems.He also fixes computers on the side. So if you have any issues technical wise let me know and I’ll get back to you with some input.**OH! And he plays guitar which always makes my heart skip a beat.

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