Undercover Mama


I have been selected to review one of the nursing tanks from Undercover Mama. I was excited to be able to do this review as I still nurse my twelve month old. I constantly have to pull up my shirt, pull down my bra and hold it down in order for her to nurse efficiently.  My nursing bra does alleviate some of the nuisance of it all, however, I struggle to keep my shirt out of way.

When I received my nursing tank I wasn’t  quite  certain how it worked. I honestly had to find video on the how tos.  But then I got a hang of it and found it to be easy.



I chose black since it’s a “go with anything” color and also in case of any leakage (which does happen and can stain).


The tank goes on like any other, only it doesn’t have original straps. Instead you can hook it onto your nursing bra in two ways. There is a clear rubber stretch hoop which can loop over the detachable strap or you have the black hook (just like the hooks on a normal bra ) which you can pull through the bra strap itself. You can do both I suppose for extra support.



I fastened the black hook to one side just to show how that would look. But the rubber hoop poked out which ,to me, wouldn’t be so fashionable if I were to just wear this without an overshirt.



On the other side, I looped it.



Here is how it looks with one side using the hook and the other looped around detachable bra. I prefer the looping.

I can’t say that I don’t like this tank because  I do. It is convenient to nursing mothers and we need all the support we can get!  Thank you Undercover Mama!


**If you would like a chance to win  one of these awesome nursing tanks for a friend,  new mother or for yourself,  comment “Undercover Mama” and I’ll select a winner by the end of the week! 


Undercover Mama!

You can also head over to my fb page Theinnovativewife to like/follow for more chances to win!



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