April Fools!

So, rarely does my husband play pranks on me. No,I am the prankster usually.And when I do play pranks I occasionally fail because I start laughing like a mad women when attempting to do anything. BUT,I have succeeded in one without fail! And not getting caught may I add.

How? Well, let me tell you.

It’s April Fools and for some reason I FORGOT. Yes,Forgot. How can a prankster forget April fools day!? My husband didn’t though. So I received a text from him while he was working saying his car was broken into and his wallet was gone. Now,let me tell you why this was believable. His work is not located in the best area and I wouldn’t doubt his car wouldn’t get broken into at least once. He also has a bad habit of leaving valuable items in his car to which I’ve reminded him constantly to NEVER leave money,cards or anything of value inside his car.EVER! So I bought into it for sure. I was on the verge of steam coming out my ears when I called to tell him once again to never leave valuables in the car and how could he be such a dork!? As soon as he answered he said, “April fools!”  I told him I was going to getting him back 2x’s worse for that. So here’s what I did. Or tried at first.

It’s hard when he’s so observant (when he wants to be) so when he knows something is coming he’ll search and snoop out things. I knew this but still tried without defeat.

IMAG0599 IMAG0600 IMAG0601

So my first two tries were with plastic wrap. I placed it on the top of the front door thinking when he comes home from work he’ll run right into it. Wrong. He noticed. Almost though.

My second attempt  was placing in over the toilet because his routine after he comes home from work is head straight to bathroom.I thought it was on there pretty darn good to. But, there was a glare so he figured it out. Once again ALMOST!


Third times a charm? Nah, I thought it’d be clever if those pranks failed to put matching food coloring on the bristles of his tooth brush.It looked brand new when I did it so I figured PERFECT. It would have turned his whole mouth blue and yellow. That night, as we went to go brush our teeth, he asked where his tooth brush was thinking I bought him a new one when he didn’t need one. I assured him it was the same but once again he figured it out by running it under water. UGH! I thought how can I get him and not get caught!? He laughed and mocked as I itched for more ways to get him back before the night was over.

He went to bed around 10pm.I usually stay up late as it was so he didn’t think anything of it. I waited til he was sound asleep (snoring) to pull my final prank.I had a list of things in my head: Pouring baby powder on his head,sewing all of his boxers together to the one’s he already had on,shaving cream on hand..But nothing compared to what I finally decided.

I knew the next day he was going to lunch with his boss and meeting his bosses boss. I knew he would be wearing a red shirt. The first thing that really stuck out was PAINTED TOES AND FINGER NAILS.. YES! His toes were poked out of the covers enough for me to grab my red polish and go at it! SUCCESS! But I was only able to paint one finger nail. His hands either kept going behind his head or in his boxers. So after I was done painting his toes and feeling satisfied. I took a shower. When I was out I notice his shaver. Then I thought “What if I shaved his legs?” So I attempted to do so but his hairs were too long that I only was able to shave parts of his calf and down by his ankles before he started twitching.

The next morning when he woke I thought he’d notice right away when getting off the bed. He didn’t say a word. He walked to the bathroom and I heard him sit. I imagined him sitting on the toilet tiredly with is hands on his face still trying to wake as he usually looks in the mornings. Then I heard him bust out in laughter and said, “Good one babe.” When he first noticed his toes he thought his toenails were bleeding somehow until he looked closer. We both had a good laugh and I got the satisfaction I wanted.  I told him I wanted him to feel pretty before he went on this lunch date.

IMAG0605 IMAG0606His pretty toes! HAHA!

IMAG0607He said that was the weirdest feeling knowing his toes were painted and couldn’t take the polish off til he got home. It was hilarious watching him take it off! Mission accomplished. 😀


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