Undercover Mama

Hi! I have been selected to review one of the nursing tanks from Undercover Mama. I was excited to be able to do this review as I still nurse my twelve month old. I constantly have to pull up my shirt, pull down my bra and hold it down in order for her to nurse […]

Basket Case

Since we bought our home in 2013, we really haven’t had the financial means to renovate. It’s a 1989 home with its natural wear and tears. We’ve   managed to  pump out the septic tank , repaint, replace the coils in our air unit, have our porch patched up to prevent leaks, and re-done the […]

Who am I

My name is Amber. I spend my days with my little girls and begin my journey of becoming a published author by night. I take pride  in learning new and innovative ways of teaching myself as well as my toddler and using different techniques in crafting,organizing,cooking ,simple beauty routines,etc.I am a licensed Full Specialist. I […]