Birthday morning surprise.

I’ve known my husband since he was 16. We met in high school through a reading class and  after my 16th birthday we started our journey to where we are today. Happily married and raising our beautiful,smart little girl.

I know birthday parties are generally for the “younger “generations and they particularly stop having  them at age 15. But if you are anything like the Elliott’s,it doesn’t matter what age you are. It’s not always a “party,” but a gathering is more relevant.Who said you can’t still be a kid though? And who doesn’t like surprises? Okay, I don’t at times but once in a while I’ll bite! Although it’s hard for us to “surprise” each other because we are both either too predictable or one doesn’t really know if the other would actually be surprised. Yes,it’s been about eight years and still we are at a lost at times with what to get each other for their birthdays or anniversary. Usually it’s just a nice dinner and a movie. But I like to be more spontaneous when able.So this year for my loves birthday I wanted it to be a little more of a on the spot occasion. Since I don’t work (being a stay at home mother is still equivalent) I couldn’t really do as much as I’d like to have.But this was a wonderful and thoughtful surprise to a wonderful and loving husband/ father.

I saw different ways of dressing up the bedroom for a surprise birthday wake up on Pinterest, but decided to do something a little different.My daughter and I headed out to Party City to purchase a helium tank,a bag of latex balloons and decorations.

IMAG0532 IMAG0533

After my husband and daughter went to bed the night before his birthday,I stayed up and blew up 26 (the age he was turning) balloons with the helium and wrote 26 reasons why I love him onto each. There was a picture on Pinterest that had a certain amount of balloons above the bed with strings attached and on the ends of them they had pictures of the birthday boy or girl growing up. Followed by different memories written on the back of each picture. Cute idea, but not enough pictures of my husband growing up. One thing I recommend is to ALWAYS have a camera on hand. 🙂


At some points during the night the balloons started falling. I even had to smack one away from my husbands face before one touch down on him. I didn’t want him to wake.Glad he didn’t.

He woke to the smell of breakfast (Sweet potato pancakes,eggs and strawberries) along with me holding a small  cake singing “Happy Birthday” at 6:30 am. I was on four hours of sleep at that time. But worth it. Once he heard me come in with candles lit and singing he was able to notice the balloons and made his birthday wish. Of course once Mileena heard mommy come up the stairs and smelled the candles burning on the cake she automatically woke and started singing along with. She just wanted the cake. ;p

IMAG0531I was going to bake one myself but then I figured it may not come out so good because it would have been last minute. So instead I bought a small public’s butter-cream cake. Which are so GOOD!

IMAG0527The table came out very festive and colorful.

IMAG0526The teddy was from Mileena.;)

IMAG0525IMAG0524I figured it would be a pleasant surprise and well thought out. If I had my way I would of went further as to buy outfits for our dog and cat that had the words “Happy Birthday” on them as well. I wanted to even stick a Happy Birthday plastic banner in our fish tank.I thought they’d like to wish him a happy birthday as well. 😉 My husband enjoyed his birthday morning and thought the fish tank idea would have topped it all. I wish I had remembered to do it. Maybe next time.


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