Dads memory box

When someone dear to you dies, a hole remains in your heart. There’s no amount of time that will aid in healing that hole. Every thought,mention or similarity to that person puts happiness\grievance back in the heart.  You just can’t get over it. Especially if they were a huge part of your life but didn’t understand it. I’ve mentioned my dad on my other blog (A story untold) and spoke about his past and how it effected me. My dad was off and on in my life. After I was seven and my parents divorced it was the occasional weekends for us. When that happened it wasn’t much of a “father/daughter” bonding experience. I felt like an outcast at times. I understand better now. But after he died I spent days in questioning God. I was older,wiser, and married with a baby on the way. I was finally getting the “daddy/daughter time” I oh-so-needed since I was young. Then he was gone.  Til this day I still am in disbelief. Still expecting a phone call to see how I and the baby are doing.Still feeling anxious to call his old number just to hear him say “Hello? Pizza hut?” or “Que pasa?” I remember going to his house and smelling arroz con pollo ;seeing him pick Mango’s from his tree and offering us some. Or pulling up to see him working in the yard. I miss the little things. Most of all having some of our deep conversations. The ones where I felt listened to and related to. The ones where my dad would open up about his feelings and explain things better to me. They were hilarious,loving and long overdue.

There isn’t a day that passes I wont think about him or someone or thing reminds me. But, I don’t want his memory to EVER leave me. I also want our children to know who he was as a person.So I took precautions.

My Aunt died in Oct of 2012;another person dear to my heart.My mother decided to create a box  in reflection of her.

IMAG0896 IMAG0898

My aunt was a avid lover of anything tribal. She loved wolfs,hawks etc. So my mom incorporated this along with some of her ashes,pictures and a dream catcher inside the box.

I thought this was unique and wanted to create one for my father. So, I did.

My mom and I headed out to Hobby Lobby (A scrapbook and crafters paradise). I purchased a 12x4x4 box (Don’t quote me on that) along with little trinkets from the doll section and press ons to further describe my dad without so much wording.


My dad was born in Patillas, Puerto Rico. He always mentioned how beautiful the isle was and how he’d want to take me some day. He also loved traveling. Though I believe Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic was the only places he really ventured to, he really enjoyed it.One quote I’ll never forget from his is,” All roads lead you home.” Domino’s is a traditional game in Hispanic culture . I remember him always wanting to play. I did add on a Puerto Rican flag to the right corner after taking this.


He was a hard worker. In fact, I believe that is why I am so independent. He taught me to be. I’ve always known him to work. Even when he hurt his back and went on disability he still couldn’t just rest. He’d be mowing,weed eating or fixing something on his car. He was a grease monkey. I loved it!


He loved music. Especially Spanish. He’s Puerto Ricano;what do you expect? But if there was nothing on the Spanish station we’d listen to Smooth Jazz.  I remember the old record player my parents use to have and those big round black discs. I appreciate the authenticity of them today. 

I incorporated the pocket watch because I remember him having one. Along with a bunch of keys dangling from his side. I always knew it was him if I heard keys. I couldn’t find a actual key chain of fake ones so I’m still on the prowl.


IMAG0954Here’s the full extent of the inside of the box.


^ The outside. I bought a  wooden Eagle and monkey glued it to the top.  I thought about glossing it but I decided to do something different.


I wanted to make the Eagle gold. My dad use to have a gold chain with a gold horn and eagle hanging from it. Another memory I so vaguely remember.


I didn’t want to leave it blank so I used a wood burning tool to engrave it.



Final product. Through time I will continue to add more trinkets that remind me of him. Like small fruits,tootsie rolls etc. Even think about painting the rest of the box a brass color. My husband thought this was so neat that he wanted his own! So, perhaps we should each create our own personality box ;just in case. 😉

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