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 Okay, this is another sweet yet simple recipe  I’ve discovered from YouTube that I was quite skeptical of the ingredients but came out to be better than I thought. I’ve made it for my husband and my in laws and it was a hit! If you are a chocolate + coffee fanatic this is for you!! I promise you’ll rethink the way a chocolate mousse is made. I’ll post the YouTube link at bottom so you can watch first hand how Nydia makes her deliciousness. I’ve also tried my hand at her Coconut Pineapple bread pudding with rum sauce. YUM! This lady loves to incorporate different Alcohols with her desserts and dishes but I’ll be the first to admit they’re awesome!I’ve subscribed to her and felt as though I was back in my fathers kitchen learning to cook.Ingredients:1 1/2 c whipping cream
1 c semi sweet chocolate chips
1 c marhmellows
1/3 c espresso
2 tbsp of Kahlua
2 tbsp powdered sugar

Melt Chocolate (I used the bigger morsels )+ Marsh-mellows in medium to large saucepan at Med low. This will take a little long.So patients is a virtue. I brewed a cup of espresso prior and then measured 1/3 cup and mixed it in with my chocolate mixture. Stir constantly.

While you’re melting the chocolate or after you have already melted the chocolate set it aside to reach room temperature. Use a large bowl and add the whipping cream +powered sugar+Kahlua.Whip till fluffy like it should be.Then mix in melted chocolate. You can wait until the chocolate is room temperature.I didn’t really but I whipped it together still and then froze it for 10 mins. Came out almost like ice cream .

I used one of our martini glasses and just sprinkled some marshmallows on top of the mousse and tada!! Chocolate goodness! I’m telling you, you’ll be begging for more.Enjoy!!Compliments to Nydia. 🙂

Recipe adapted from:

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