My Fiesta Chicken

Friday, March 1, 2013

A taste of my kitchen. WELCOME!

Hey everyone! A knew era is approaching for me. I’ve joined circle of mommies and got some pretty cool advice and was able to mingle (online) and read +watch other cool stay at home mothers blogs or vlogs. In tern has inspired more of me. So, to sum up. I will be a hosting another blog but this one will be more of a Beauty ,Recipe,and My many Pinterest fixes .Aren’t we all addicted to that site!? Well, that wont be up and running for another week or so.. I promise.But in the mean time I’d like to share one recipe (although I’ve shared two prior) that I personally concocted together because it was in my kitchen and sounded yummy at the time. I dub this recipe, “Amber’s fiesta chicken and black bean burrito.” Simple enough to remember.. But of course I’ve added my own mix. I thought it’d be only fair to share the goodness. Here we go.Ingredients: Chicken (I used the weight watcher chicken) about four to five breasts.
Yellow Rice (I used 4 cups)
Black beans (Frozen or canned)
Corn (frozen is better)
2 tbsp 100% Extra Olive oil
2 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp butter
one packet of sazon
2 tbsp of sofrito paste
sprinkle of adobo on chicken
Pinch of salt and pepper.
Oh! and a dash of rice vinegar.Now,may seem much but  if your half Hispanic like I am we tend to just work with things in.My husband says my cooking is usually a lot better if I create my own version of things.I added my olive oil and rice vinegar to a medium skillet then placed the chicken in and cooked at med high.I covered it for about 10mins to get the chicken heated.Then added the sofrito paste +adobo and a pinch of salt & pepper.  Once my chicken was almost cooked thoroughly I then added the sazon.Stir it in with the sofrito and it’ll change to a reddish color. Cover and let simmer til cooked fully.Then start on corn. Cook the corn in small to med saucepan over med low. I added in the brown sugar + butter to caramelize it just a little.Came out tasting delious! I cooked the black beans in another saucepan on med low as well.NO caramelizing. Had to make sure readers knew that. 😉 And I just cooked my rice in a normal rice cooker and added a little olive oil so it wouldn’t burn.

Heat up your flour tortillas and create once everything it cooked. My husband is a HUGH food critic and he generally tells me if my cooking was Eh, Nah,or Yes. This got a Yes!His favorite by far. Aside from my howling wings which I make on Halloween.I post that once it comes to date.I’ve got requests of posting my favorite recipes so I’m looking forward to doing so.

If you try this.Let me know how it tastes! Enjoy! Buen provecho!

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