Asian Spring Rolls

I LOVE ethnic foods! Not just because I am half Puerto Rican but I grew up with people of all ethnics. One of my best friends was Vietnamese and I would love when her mom cooked. She would love when my mom would cook. So we both swapped plates at times. 🙂

I never thought though I would get into cooking or baking as much as I am now. Well,I did become a wife and later had a child which in turn made the “motherly” instincts take control. But I love it!   I like trying new things ,especially if it’s edible. Recently,we went to a place called Abuelos  ( Mexican restaurant) for the first time and I had Mexican shrimp cocktail, which was shrimp served in a authentic spicy cocktail sauce with  diced jalapenos, onions, cilantro and tomatoes. Served over a layer of avocado cream. Yes,it sounds delicious.Yes, it was delicious.  It had a very unique taste that I didn’t know rather I wanted to keep eating it or not. It was spicy but enticing at the same time. I couldn’t put my spoon down! I MUST find out how they made it.

Going back to me loving ethnic foods I found this recipe on Pinterest and it sounded unique and full of flavor.

Asian Spring rolls:

So I went to our local Korean store and bought these ingredients.

picture 002

Sesame oil,fish sauce,rice paper,cellophone (Bean thread)noodles,red pepper flakes.I also bought sobe noodles because my husband wanted lo mien but I saved that for later.

picture 004I made my spicy peanut butter sauce first.

2tbsp creamy peanut butter,2tbsp rice vinegar,1tbsp soy sauce,2 tsp sugar,1/2 red pepper flakes,2tbsp water.

picture 005Came out looking and smelling sweet!

picture 006Boiled my bean thread for five mintues.

picture 007picture 008

Then set them aside and tossed them in sesame oil (1/2 tsp),red pepper flakes(1 tsp).

picture 010I made my vegetable dressing(1/2 tsp rice vinegar,1/2 tsp sugar,1 tsp fish sauce,1/2 lime juice) and then cleaned and sliced up some cucumber,carrots and a sweet red pepper. Toss the vegges in with the sauce. YUM!

picture 012This was tricky. It said to fill a baking pan half way and then place a wrap in and once it folds continuing flipping.

picture 013They got pretty soggy quick so instead I placed my wrap on a plate and dampened my finger and massaged the water into the wraps.Worked easier.picture 011Fill the center and roll them up! Came out great!

picture 015I highly recommend this dish.Especially if you like ethnic foods and vegetables. It’s a lot of steps, but just put on your oriental attire,and listen to Chinese Relax complete .This was one of the most relaxing meals I’ve made!! My husband did try it but the cucumber got to him. He LOVED the spicy peanut sauce though. I made him lemongrass chili just in case he didn’t like the spring roll, but he didn’t like the lemony taste of that either.Like I said before,he’s a food critic. But more for me!

picture 001For dessert,Pepero almond. SO GOOD! Also at the Korean store. Chocolate dipped pretzels covered in chopped almonds.

(形) 美味的   Delicious!


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