Chai Latte from scratch

Hello again and WELCOME back!

Are you a coffee or tea advocate? Well, I got something for ya!

I can’t say I drink coffee or tea on a daily bases ,but once in a while, I’ll take a double shot of espresso  please! I also am not into drinking hot liquids unless it’s for a cold; so I usually like an iced coffee or tea.Recently, I was trained how to make espressos,mocha’s,lattes and all that jazz from my work. Of course that in turned left me running a muck after creating ten (exaggerated) different coffees and blended drinks. My brain opened a hundred more thinking tabs rather than just the five I was used to. Need less to say, it was hard to get some sleep when I got home..I don’t quite remember how to do all of them just yet because I am still needing some practice but one thing I did take away was how to make a iced Chai Latte. I’ve only tried it warm at home during the winter months and wasn’t too fond of it. But it was on the list of the many drinks to make from my work and the last to try for the night. So I obliged and I LOVED! Now, I say that but it will need to be a “love” once a  blue moon kind of drink. Though delicious but very sweet. However,I did get a craving for it just the other night but did not have the pre-made dry Chai powder in my kitchen cabinet. So I decided to get innovative.

All Chai really is, is a blend of black tea and spices. The black tea is more oxidized  and has a stronger flavor than the green or white.So I was fortunate to find black tea in my cabinets right next to the green and white. 😀

So I steeped two bags of the black tea on the stove first and for most and set it to the side to cool. * This is just to give more of a “Chai” flavor. It tastes just as great without it. Almost like coquito without the rum.

Now, I’ve read up on different sites that you boil the gloves and ground cardamom along with, but I didn’t.

Here is what I mixed together as spices:

1 tbsp brown sugar

1tbsp nutmeg

1tbsp ground ginger

1tbsp ground cinnamon

picture 005

I also used1 1/2 cup of 2 % milk (you can use Almond if you choose,I’d recommend the vanilla)

and I poured in 1/2 cup of half and half.Made it more creamy.

picture 003

Add all ingredients together in blender. Add 2tbsp of caramel and  a cup of ice then blend til desired creaminess. You can tweak it as you wish but this way tasted just like how I was taught at my work.

picture 006

And the husbro had no complaints with that.He drunk three cups! 😀

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