Homemade Yogurt Bites!

My daughter absolutely loves the yogurt bites we get from the store. As well as the fruit snacks. But  as a mother, like any other I’m sure; I become a little apprehensive about store bought items. If I don’t really know what the ingredients are I get nervous in some aspects.  After being a stay at home mother for almost three years I began to become more aware and started to take  the initiative in making things at home and looking up what’s best.

I came to the conclusion that just buying yogurt from the store on its own is a better investment than repeatably buying the toddler bites in the small packaging with little product inside.

picture 031 So I just bought a 24 oz size of the strawberry low fat creamy blends.Poured some into a zip lock baggy and went to town!

picture 032

I placed the sheet in the freezer for about an hour.

picture 037

Once finished my little gummybear had the first try.

picture 041

When she was done picking out the ones she wanted I placed the rest in a small mason jar and refroze.

picture 044

But she didn’t stay away for long. picture 046

picture 045She wanted to offer me her’s but I had more already freezing for me. 😉


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