Resurrection Rolls

Hope everyone had a GREAT Easter. Ours was. We had a family gathering at my sister and brother in law’s house to spend time together and rejoice over the resurrection of Christ. My sister in law made a vegan lasagne along with Caesar Salad,and garlic bread. YUM! I was in charge of the desserts so I decided to look up on my Pinterest to find some good sweets. I made Peanut butter bananas dipped in chocolate. So good! Everyone loved it. Simple and easy.But I also wanted to create a dessert that was symbolic to what Christ did for us.

Resurrection Rolls!

This was a very unique way of sharing and coming together recreating in some sense the resurrection of Christ through this symbolic dessert. IMAG0572

I’ve seen this trick to do with kids being used in a way of teaching, but I wanted everyone to remember and be involved. Plus our kids are only two years old so the only real learning they’d get was what they’d taste like when finished.

Here’s how I did it.

I made everyone gather around the dinning room and on the table I placed melted butter,Cinnamon,Marshmallows and one raw crescent roll for each person on their plates.

Melted butter- Symbolizing the embalming oils

Cinnamon-Symbolizing  the spices used to prepare his body for burial

Marsh mellows- Symbolizing Jesus (Pure of sin)

Crescent Rolls-Symbolizing the linen Jesus was wrapped in.

I instructed everyone to pour a little butter onto the unrolled crescent then sprinkle cinnamon as I read from John 19.

I then told them to place Jesus (marshmellow) inside and roll it in the crescent.  Once everyone had done this I laid each crescent on a cookie sheet and baked them at 350 for 15 minutes.. The smell was delicious!   I said it was the sweet scent of Jesus. If you haven’t yet, go on a take a read through my other blog (What’s that stench!)

After letting the crescents bake and cool. I read through John 20:1-18

Then instructed everyone to break open their crescents and look inside.


Jesus had resurrected!! This was a fun and great symbolic dessert to have everyone join in and be apart of. After doing so the day went on in peace and laughter. I knew the holy spirit had something to do with that. If you know our family you’d agree.;) I think this will be a tradition to uphold.

By the way the crescents came out tasting good!


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