Sweet potato shepherd’s pie

I love a good home cooked shepherd’s pie; but never thought of substituting regular potatoes  for the sweets!

I found this recipe and felt it was a must for the season.

1 lrg sweet potato (I actually used canned )

1/2 pound of lean ground beef (90% lean)

1/4 cup chopped union ( I used the cubes)

1 can whole kernel corn

1/2 can tomato sauce (I didn’t have the sauce so I used paste)

A dash of cinnamon,nutmeg (Used pumpkin spice)

1tbsp butter

1 tbsp 2% milk

1/8 tsp salt & pepper

It says to wash & pierce sweet potato then place in microwave uncovered for 10-12 mins or til tender. But since I used canned  I skipped this step.

Cook beef in a large skillet until it’s no longer pink. Drain. Add the corn,tomato and spices.

Place inside a 1-qt baking dish and set you oven for 350.

Cut potato in half and scoop pulp out. Place in small bowl and mash with butter,milk, salt and pepper.

Spread mixture over meat mixture. Bake for 30 minutes.

My husband actually ate two plates of this. I thought it needed something extra. Not quite sure what though. Perhaps I’ll experiment more in the future. 😉


IMAG0055 IMAG0060


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