The Sacred Heart Diet (Revised)

As I said,I would do an update on this. I wanted to give my honest opinion so here is it. I failed at just eating soup for those seven days. The first three days where cumbersome. Getting my husband to eat the soup was tiring as well. We both just needed meat. Protein. A lot. Though red meat has been out of my mouth for quite some time I do accommodate by eating chicken. For my husband,giving up chicken is like giving up his games; just not going to happen. So it helps if you have a avid supporter by your side constantly. If not, motivating one self can become  challenging. It’s hard to eat healthy when your partner eats not so healthy. Good news is, I did lose a few pounds after the first three days. Bad news, I gained it back by the weeks end. :/  Sad, I know. So I can not give a conclusion to this diet. I can only say I tried and failed miserably. But the soup was good! Just not something you’d want constantly. I’ve seen another diet posted on Pinterest that only allows you to eat pretty much snacks for three days while guaranteeing you’ll lose up to seven to ten pounds (assuming exercise is in play as well) . I have not tried it nor do I think I will. Mainly, because most the food choices are not appetizing in my opinion. So I think I’ll just have to stick with counting calories and daily exercises.

My husband recently bought me a Gold’s Gym Circuit Trainer 36′ Mini Trampoline. It comes with two resistance cords and a electronic monitor  that measures time,calories and number of jumps. I originally wanted a punching bag but this will due. I have used it a few times so far and am loving it. It’s also a great amusement for my daughter as well. You’d think it’d include a work out DVD  but it doesn’t. At least mine did not. So I just look online for different work out videos that use this particular trampoline.  It’s really a fun workout if you get into it. I’ll be working soon at a movie theater too ,so going up and down plenty of stairs and being on my feet for eight hours should help me reach my weight lost goals.

Perhaps I will create another page speaking about my weight lost journey. That way not only would it help me keep track but also help my readers too. I could give my tips of what worked for me and share my daily exercises with you all. 🙂

Just a thought.


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