Jazzy Minnie Birthday!

It’s my little girls third birthday!! I can’t believe it! I have been contemplating what to do for her party because she likes so

many things. But I figured I’d go with what she enjoyed most in her twos. Minnie! But so many people seemed to do a

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme which I did not want to follow. So, I wondered what can I do to make it my own? I did

my research on Minnie Mouse and found out so many details that really made my imagination go. Of course, I looked on

Pinterest to see of any ideas to help get it going. I’ve seen a lot of cute decorations but nothing that sparked the theme I was

going for. Minnie mouse likes Jazz music; so I wanted to make it a jazzy theme. I had the idea of having Mileena dress up

in a jazz outfit and create some kind of cutesy theme behind it. I ordered her dress from Aliexpress.com .

I received four of the same dresses, but in sizes ranging from 38 pounds to 110 pounds and didn’t realize it. Odd that it went via

weight but it fit! Now she has a few others that she’ll be able to grow into.

Then I created a Cd with a few Jazz songs, Be our guest,Stevie wonders “Funday“, and Minnie Birthday Song.

It really went well with the Disney/Jazz/birthday theme. šŸ™‚

I bought most my decor at Hobby Lobby and Party City. They have so many to choose from!

I rented the white round table covers/black chair covers/pink polka dot sashes from http://www.classicparties.net

They were a joy to work with and offer great prices.

I ordered pink and white carnations as centerpieces since Minnie

Mouse loves flowers and pink and white.

The food was Minnie mouse shaped cheeses,sugar and sweet potato cookies,chicken,fruit, vegetable trays and my mother

in law made cute little flower shaped sandwiches.Ā  So how much did I spend in total? You decide?

Millys third 001

I did get this concept from a picture on google for another party. Though different flowers and sashes.Ā  And I bought four

yards of the pink and white polka dotted fabric for the table runners from hobby lobby. Just measured and cut.Ā  I used

dollar store plastic wine cups to make it look semi elegant. Minne likes elegant things!

Millys third 002

The room before everyone showed.

Millys third 024 picture 025

On the buffet table I lined the front with pink tulle and Minnie silhouette cut outs. I bought black and pink with white polka

dotted lanterns to hang on each end; as well as a Minnie mouse bow centerpiece hanging over the cake.

Millys third 067

Favors were bought at Walmart. I bought ears ,of course, but since there were going to be boys at the party I bought the

ones where you can pick and choose your bow or not have to wear one at all. šŸ™‚

Inside the goodie bags were Minnie Mouse candies,a puzzle,a sounder,a game watch,stickers,Minnie mouse whistle and

key chain.

Millys third 044

This was a last minute decision but came out GREAT! Compliments to Sweeties Delight!

Millys third 013

If you’ve seen Mileena’s past birthdays you’ll know a background scenery is a must! Kids need a place to take pictures.

My husband and I wanted so badly to buy a Minnie Mouse character costume instead of having just a background. It really

would have surprised the kids and adults but I was to afraid of being let down getting a costume that didn’t look like the

pictures. So we didn’t waste our money.

picture 020picture 017picture 019 Millys third 086

Minne tree/gift table! I hand made all the Minnie silhouettes and bows with ribbon, small and medium pom poms and scrapbook bows. We incorporated my daughters third birthday pictures in the mix. šŸ™‚

picture 040

The cute sandwiches my mother in law made!

picture 011 picture 012

We let the kids play Pin the Bow on the display.

picture 022

Closer look at buffet Minnie.

picture 047 picture 046

I placed each of these thank you post cards on every table. I downloaded the Disney font and worded it myself. My husband

thought of adding the Minnie at bottom. So cute!

picture 045

Since I did some research I wanted to make a Minnie Mouse fun fact trivia game. I bought sky paper and printed out

questions and answers. It was interesting to see the reaction on our guests faces when learning all these neat facts about

Minnie. So fun!

Millys third 055

Minnie cookie stand!

picture 005

She was the center of attention! šŸ˜‰

Did you guess how much? I’ll say under 600$. šŸ˜€

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