Laminate floor cleaner

We recently just moved into a three bedroom, two bath beautiful 1,516 sq ft  home. Furnished with laminate wood floors and stone tile. We were so use to carpet that vacuuming is all we knew. But I love exploring and change! I researched a lot about laminate floor cleaners ; the what not and what to do’s.  I like smelly good cleaners ; but with most, that is all it has going for them. Most have the faint chemical smells that just linger. I’ve grown to love using just plain old fashion in-home cleaning solutions such as baking soda and vinegar. My husband on the other hand thinks it’s a bunch of crock and can’t stand the smell of the vinegar solution. I don’t blame him. Though I believe in the power of vinegar.

Everyone has their own cleaning preferences. I personally love it if a house is clean smelling and tidy. Especially if it’s my own.

I consider it respectful. Not to anyone else but to the home itself. But, you can tell what people care about and what they don’t by entering into their home. If you enter a home and it looks like it hasn’t been touched by any cleaning agent in months then you’ll feel free to keep your shoes on,leave cups out, spill something accidentally and just wipe it up with a napkin. Admittedly, you feel comfortable. If you walk into  a house that smells clean,looks clean and tidy you’ll want to show a little more respect in keeping it that way. For example, you’ll take your shoes off,use coasters (If they are  apparent), ask for a Clorox wipe if indeed something was split; so there is no evidence.  You may feel a little apprehensive because you don’t want to ruin the shine. Or offend.  Now, that we are home owners I choose to keep up with everything. It’s a struggle but it keeps me occupied and feeling good. Plus, I love the after affects. Before we moved in there was a lot of cleaning to be done. A LOT. Dust bunnies every where ready to attack! I cleaned the vents,fans,balconies & floors. It was disgusting. Now, we can breath better. I know my house is never going to be as clean as I want. But it can be what I expect.

So, as far as how I clean my laminate floors I use these.


While making a trip to Publix I found Weiman Laminate & Stone floor cleaner. It’s non-toxic & biodegradable. It doesn’t leave a residue and dries quickly. It also doesn’t have a smell to it (which is nice). There is no need to rinse,dilute or mix. I just spray and dry mop with a microfiber mop head.

The ingredients are: Water,vegetable derived surfactant, coconut based cleaning agent,sugar based chelating agent,preservative.

Before discovering Weiman I used the Swiffer furniture spray (wood laminate,marble,leather and granite) . It left a nice shine but very slippery.  We had to invest in purchasing non slip slippers and because of transitioning from carpet to hard flooring our feet started aching along with our backs. I have also heard a lot about the Method Squirt & Mop wooden floor solution but have yet to try. Perhaps once I am done with the Weiman I’ll do another review after trying the Method.  I’ve read it has a decent almond smell and is comparable to the Weiman. The prices are a little higher but it seems worth it once you see the results. 😉

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