Cherry anti-aging mask!

Cherries are loaded with Vitamin A,C, potassium,zinc,iron,copper and magnesium.

They are used for anti aging and purification of the skin.Mashing them up and using the juice as a mask helps fight wrinkles,fine lines and dark spots as well as rosacea.

Add a tsp of honey and lemon.


you can add three strawberries(mashed)  and a few drops of rose water to help maintain a younger firmer look.

Wash face first then apply mask and leave on the face for 15-20minutes then rinse with warm water.

You can combine cherries to pretty much anything and get the same outcome. Just don’t forget to remove the pits if there is any.

I LOVE this mask. Who am I kidding ?!I love every mask I post or else I wouldn’t have post them! But cherries are one of my favorite fruits and adding honey  just makes me want to keep licking my face. My husband even tried! Once I rinsed the mask off I felt clean and smooth. I love using ingredients from my kitchen to help make me feel good inside and out.


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