Coconut Legacy

I have heard SO much praise about how wonderful coconut oil is for the skin and hair. It is the Polynesian secret! Not to mention using it as a substitute for spam or olive oil is a little healthier and can actually help aid in weight loss! I went out and bought me some!  Since I am trying to find anything and everything to help rejuvenate my hair to make it grow faster,longer,and healthier, of course I am going to try what has been done since ancient times. Coconut oil has antimicrobial,antibacterial, and anti fungal  properties. It has a chain of fatty acids that help speed up metabolism. Lauric acid is also found in coconut oil which is said to aid in prevention of certain cancers.


It is edible. Can help reduce cholesterol,help reduce weight,moisturizes and deep conditions dull/dry hair creating shine and preventing hair loss.Moisturizes skin and aids in healing acne and acne scars. Helps psoriasis,eczema and dry skin.Speeds the healing of burns and can be used as a sun screen.Kills yeasts and fungus.Used with apple cider vinegar it becomes a home remedy for killing lice.Can be used as a lubricant. Helps fight colds/flu.Speeds up healing of infections (including ear). Boosts energy.

What more do you want?!

Just with that much uses,I’m convinced! So, my first test trail will be on my hair. As of right now my hair is just off my shoulders. I want it to the middle of my back before the years through. I am hoping with this treatment I will reach that goal.Perhaps even sooner then later.  I have also heard of combining Almond oil as well, as another helping hand to speed up the process.The Almond oil ,just like the Coconut, is rich in proteins,Vitamin E , potassium and magnesium  all of which your hair needs to help it grow and become less prone to breakage.

After a  shower and  semi towel drying my hair, I take a small piece of the coconut oil into the palms of my hands (You don’t need a lot) and massage it in.The pieces melt with the warmth of your hands so then I just massage it through out the strands and to my scalp.I do the same with the Almond oil. Just place a plastic shower cap over to keep the heat in for a couple hours or even over night and wash out in the morning. If you don’t really want to do that you can leave in for 30 to 45 minutes then rinse. There are many different ways to treat your hair  when using these oils. Just got to find the best for you.

IMAG0704Here is what I bought. I got them at my local Korean store for 5$ each.


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