Get your Moroccan on!

I have dry,damaged and coarse hair. So much that I gave into my brother in law to cut my hair off! Well not completely, but the main parts that were damaged. I just got fed up. The problem was…I dyed it too much. I started dying my hair when I was maybe 12. Never stopped. When I’d get bored I’d try another look. I’m 24 now and really need to get it together. So I vowed 2013 will be all natural. And it’s been three months going strong! Yes! I feel like an addict. ;p

But if you know anything about hair, you’d know store bought dyes are not the best road to go to. I just never had time or money to go to the salon. But even if; it’s not so good to continually dye your hair. So I’ve been on the prowl of different leave in conditioners,oils, HOLY WATER to help speed up my hair’s recovery. I generally like to use my own concoctions of ingredients already in my cabinets .But I’ve gave in to buying and trying the Moroccan Argan oil (renewing treatment) which helps restore shine and softness  while strengthening along with the Moroccan Argan extra penetrating oil for dry and coarse hair which aids in hydration and renewal. I have not had any complaints so far.

Prior to washing my hair I use the Moroccan renewing treatment and leave it on for about ten minutes then rinse it out.

Once I’ve rinsed and towel dried my hair I take a nickel size amount of the penetrating oil into my palm and apply it evenly on my hair. Starting at the ends. When I feel I need an extra oomph I’ll add in a dime amount of Organix coconut milk anti breakage serum to my ends as well. Not often will I though. I’d begin to think TOO MUCH! But it does make my hair feel wonderful and the smell is very enticing.  I’ll do this simple routine once to twice a week. As my hair is growing out I can see the health and shine that is coming about. And after all these years I finally remember what my natural color is!!

IMAG0552So a bit of advice for all of you Hair dye addicts too. Be cautious and do in moderation. Trust me! You also don’t want to be gray before you’re thirty. And if you struggle with dry and coarse hair check out Moroccan!

Thanks for stopping by!! xoxoxo


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