Girls Night Inn

Since I am a Full Specialist and do not want my license to spoil; I figure, wouldn’t it be nice to do something for my locals?

Hosting a Girls Night/Day Inn?

Complete with DIY’s,pampering,wine,orderves, and chit chatting??

This is something that I am planning perhaps once we get into our house and situated.  With much consideration and thought ,it seems like a wonderful idea. Having a “Spa-cation” at my home.

Once a month I’d like to set up a Girls Night/Day Inn to come and get pamperage at a low cost . We’ll have some fun DIY’s and product reviews. Yes, I will do most the pampering. I think this will be a fun innovative way to go out, without actually “going out”. I will supply everything and have my guest fill out consultation cards so I can better assist them. As I said before I love to entertain and meet new people and I believe this would be a great experience! My husband agreed. That would mean more game nights or days for him. 😉

Let me know what you think?!


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