Grapes,Bananas,Coconuts–Oh my!

Banana Hair Milkshake:

We all know bananas are high in potassium.But did you know they also are high in iron,vitamin B’s? Eating them can helps constipation and anemia.They promote healthy function of kidneys,nerves and bones.They even help with mood swings.

The peel of the banana is useful as well!It contains  antioxidants that has been thought  to cure allergies, bruises, mosquito bites, skin irritation, warts, treating acne, and wrinkles.  I can see myself lounging with a bunch of banana peels on my face. :p

We all know our hair can change it’s moods.From frizzy to lumpy,dry and brittle,even being itchy or flaky .So if bananas can help mood swings try them with that moody hair!

Blend at least 3 ripe bananas,tsp honey,milk (whole or coconut)apply to damp hair,leave on for 30-45 mins.Then rinse and shampoo.

I heard it from the’ grape vine’ that grapes are high in Vit C and reduces acne.They leave the skin radiant and healthy looking.So use 1cup of grapes(pitted),tsp olive oil (For moisture),1/2 tsp of baking soda or sea salt (exfoliation)blend and wash face with this mixture. Can use  it day and night as a cleanser.

Oh Cleo, you were the first beauty guru of all time! I enjoy taking coconut milk baths.It makes my skin feel softer and supple.Cleansing with coconut milk  has been shown to have antibacterial properties.It’s nourishing and rich.

005So as a treat to myself to my own spa night.

009Got my hippo cap ready in place over my banana milkshake hair mask,then

012Did my grape cleanse. Then onto the shower to for my lovely coconut milk soak.


Yes, I felt invigorating after doing so when I was all done from head to toe ….Literally.


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