Green tea tonic!

What do we know about green tea?It’s made from leaves of a perennial herb shrub called camellia sinensis.It has been used by the Chinese,Japanese and Indians for thousand of years for medicinal purposes.It’s used to speed up metabolism to help promote weight lost. It helps regulate glucose for dietetics.Green tea reduces cholesterol,blood pressure and has antibacterial agents to help fight off different sicknesses. It’s great to drink but also great to steep and use on your face!

You can go to any retail store and find a green tea mask, but why? Drink it at home? Now you have another purpose.

You can use it many different ways. You can steep the tea bags and place them on your eyes (let them cool first) to reduce puffiness and dark circles.Forget the cucumbers.

Don’t have Aloe Vera for that burn? How about cream for a rash ?Steep some bags and place on the burn.It won’t irritate skin and promotes faster healing of burns and allergic reactions.

Add green tea to your morning routine. Add it into your favorite cleanser for a refreshed,awaken look every morning.Steep one tea bag, cut it open and place the herbs into a small bowl,add your cleanser (preferably a cream)and make a paste.Apply then rinse it off after 5 minutes.

Get your Green Tea fix!



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