Lemon and suger scrub

I LOVE this. It actually makes your skin feel smoother and look brighter! We all need some exfoliation at some points and it’s best to do so in the shower when you’ve already committed yourself.This scrub is great before shaving and even helps acne and acne scars!

Lemon has a natural source of Vit C and helps reduce the appearance of age spots and reduces pore size.

Sugar is not just sweet to eat but it can exfoliate pretty sweetly as well.The glycolic acid  helps even out your skin tone and improve overall texture. Just take a small lemon,cut it in half,sprinkle some sugar and add a dab of honey; as it is used as an antiseptic and has been known to heal wounds,acne, reduce wrinkles and help dry skin.  I’ve even heard it acts as a bronzer!

I just took the lemon and massaged it gently in circular motions around my face. You’ll feel a tingling sensation when done. Then I rinsed with warm water. I felt squeaky clean and bright as day. It really did reduce the appearance of my pores and brighten my skin. When I used it on my legs, Whoa! Hubby couldn’t keep his hands off them. 😉

Try it!


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