Monoi oil

Monoi Oil comes from soaking petals of  a Tahitian gardenia in coconut oil. It is popular for it’s uses as a scrub,tanning oil,relieve of sore muscles,sunburns,conditioner and a anti aging oil. In ancient history it has been used to anoint  in sacred ceremonies. You can find it in lip products,hair treatments,as well as skin care products as it helps moisturize,helps split ends and promotes hair growth.


You can purchase Monoi oil online or at Bath and Body works. The price can range from 10$ up to 50$. But from the review stand point, you get what you pay for. You can create your own version of the Monoi oil just by purchasing gardenias,taking the stems off and soaking them in coconut oil for a month. It’s a great DIY tip in case you chose not to spend too much.If you do purchase it you can convert it into your own scrubs and moisturizers.

Here’s a great video about  Monoi oil that also gives you great product advice and recommendations. When able I will watch the live well network and be hooked. They give you the best tips and recommendations! Check it out!


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