Olive oil+ eggs

Equals soft and moisturized hair. I was skeptical as I am with most DIY products. Especially if it has anything to do with the hair or skin.But in order to change a pessimistic attitude you have to “try it  for yourself”. So I did.

My hair is dry and coarse due to all the chemicals and dyes I put in it through out the years. I started dying my hair at thirteen and continued ever since. I’d get deep conditioning’s done here and there but most times I’d buy store brands instead of going to salons. I just did not want to spend to much money. But after time products just stayed under my cabinets and wasted away or I’d spend as much as I would at the salon.So, my method failed dramatically and every time I’d get bored of my then color I’d go out and purchase another. I’d wait the full three or four months before doing so but it seriously became a routine.One that was very addicting.To the point I couldn’t even remember what my natural color was. It was like my own insecurity. But this year of 2013 I vowed to NOT use any chemicals or dyes for my hair. I allowed my brother in law to cut my hair short,(Again,wanting to save money by not going to salon) ear length was more like it.It was just getting rough to brush through and icky at the ends. A sign of damage for sure.  So I plan to grow my hair long and natural. The way God intended.

My hair is a dark brown color and I can already see those tinges of silver trying to come out. NOT NOW! I’m still young! But again, that is another sign of how damage my hair is. So I need to start at the roots. I discovered a recipe that involved cocoa for brunettes to use to brighten their color naturally so I’ll be sure to share soon.

003For this hair mask I used one egg and two tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive oil. I’ve found that most say to use 2 eggs and 4 tbsp but since I have short hair I figured I didn’t need as much. I massaged it in over my hair (dry) and waited for about 20 minutes, then rinsed with warm water. I have to say despite the weird aroma from the olive oil my hair really does feel softer and more manageable. I’ll start doing this from now on once a week perhaps. Disclaimer:If you are allergic to egg or olive oil, do not do this. I’m sure if you get a reaction if you consume then you’ll get a reaction just putting it on you since it seeps into your skin.

Also, I wouldn’t recommend this if I didn’t see or notice any change. I believe in trying then recommending. I’ll admit , if I go to the store rather they’re selling food or cosmetics and a sales person tries to recommend to me a certain product without any feedback I’ll opt out. When I worked for Walgreen’s as a Beauty Consultant and a customer asked about a certain product (though I’d make commission on certain items) if I never tried it I would be honest and say I wouldn’t know but take them to a comparable product that I have tried and thought well of. Sales people can be tricky. I am not a sales person because I am too honest.But what would one rather have? Honesty, or misery from buying a product while uncertain of it’s effects?


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