Oxygen Therapy @ Planet Beach!

There are times I have felt  short of breath and fatigued and I wouldn’t do anything physically to cause it. Sometimes I get paranoid that I may end up having pulmonary fibrosis;the cause of my fathers’ death in 2010.  He was a busy bee. He had a very strong work ethnic and was my mentor in some eras in my life. But, I remember getting upset at times when I’d have to spend the weekend with him and he’d just sleep through most of our time together. I didn’t realize the disease his body was catering to; nor did he. Now when I think back about it I feel horrible because I wish I knew.

When I’m home with my daughter and try to continue to keep up with my daily routines along with her needs, I tend to feel like shutting down often. But I push on rejecting what my body is telling me. There are times when I will say to myself, “I give up!” Then sit it out. Then I feel like a failure. I’m not though. I just need to be cautious and aware of what my body is telling me. On a awesome note, I signed up for a site that gives members discounted vouchers in categories such as health and beauty,fitness,restaurants,shopping and travel. I am addicted to Groupons.com! You can save so much on this.

I recently purchased a Planet Beach Contempo Spa service. $35 for any 12 services ($420 value). I also bought a 36  color shimmer palette from Beaute Basics (worth $89) for $20!

With that being said I tried out my first service at Planet Beach. Oxygen Therapy.

IMAG0665 I told my husband I felt as though I was in Dr.Dreadfuls laboratory. They had different scents to choose from. Peppermint,Lavender,Orange & Eucalyptus.

IMAG0674I did a mix of the eucalyptus and orange. It’s suppose to aid in giving you more energy and open your nasal cavity  as well as relax you. I had to pay $5 for the nose tube but nothing else. They are reusable and I felt very comfortable. I was seated in a small corner or small closet with the lightening dimmed. You could listen to music,read or whatever for the 15 minutes your doing your treatment. Coming out of the “closet” (pun intended) was rejuvenating. I felt relaxed and did have a new burst of energy. I will be going back again but to try out the Hydro Pod that is supposed to help in detoxing the skin leaving you soft and supple as well as hydrated. If able I will add in the extra 15 mins in the oxygen therapy booth once again. Coming out of it for the first time made me feel like I got the oxygen I was needing since I often feel I don’t. I didn’t feel fatigued the rest of the night.I would recommend it. If your into that short of thing. 😉


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