Titanium VS Ceramic Flat Irons

It has been six years since I’ve purchased my first flat Iron. The Chi. I was working in a Walgreen’s Pharmacy when a co worker was talking about how great the Chi was and that she was selling hers because a family member had bought another one for her birthday. I bought it for 50$ thinking it was a great deal. My hair was not as damaged as it is now and I didn’t know anything about flat ironing except that it helped straighten your hair. My hair was naturally frizzy and thick. It still is, but it’s more damaged due to my addiction to hair dyes. I didn’t even consider the fact that constantly using my flat iron would soon aid in over processing my hair. So,I bought into it and it worked in helping my hair straighten and lasted a pretty long time.Though the frizz was still there it seemed to get worse over time. I’d use countless products that claimed to aid in reducing frizz and help with heat of the flat iron but nothing worked. Took me six years to realize that there was a difference between Titanium plates and Ceramic plates for flat irons. My Chi has ceramic. Most flat irons I’ve seen  have these ceramic plates and are more common and between the titanium and ceramic the price differs.

As far as ceramic plates go they are made from a non corrosive inorganic material. They can with stand high heat temperatures and chemical erosion. It lasted a while for me and done the job I needed but really didn’t help when it came to seeing steam actually flow through my hair. Never a good thing.

Titanium is strong,lustrous, non corrosive  with low density. Heats up rather quickly and evenly. It has a higher ionic output which helps leave hair shiny and with less frizz .Titanium irons have not been known to crack or peel as quick as ceramic plates that wear out due to product build up.

Too much friction in your hair causes split ends and aids in the hair becoming dull and brittle.To help prevent this, sleep on silk pillow cases and do not blow dry or use heat to your hair too often. If you must, make sure you use a moisturizing conditioner or hair mask at least twice a week.

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I bought my Revlon smooth stay titanium iron after my Chi finally was laid to rest. I don’t blow dry or straighten as much as I use to but when I do I use the Chi 44 iron guard which helps protect my hair from the heat.After a few trails I’ve notice the difference in my hair by means of it being less frizzy and having a healthier shine to it. I’ve received many compliments asking if I have recolored it or done anything new.   Upon not using any chemicals in my hair and allowing its natural color to grow I still have to keep up with the healing process of it. A trim still needs to be done and I am not using shampoos or conditioners that have sulfates(sodium laureth sulfate and ammonium laureth sulfate) or parabens( Methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben)in them as they can strip and damage the hair further. I have recently purchased and am trying  the Bamboo Smooth Collection from Alterna as well as their Caviar Anti aging over night repair serum  which claims to have neither. Rather pricey but if all goes well the price will have to suffice. OR I can purchase and retry the Coconut milk shampoo and conditioner from Organix. Either way my goal this year is to go natural and not use as much chemicals or none at all, and to continue helping my hair restore my natural pH and not use products that will strip it.


10 thoughts on “Titanium VS Ceramic Flat Irons

  1. Titanum Flat Iron is really good than ceramics, I have asked a lot of my friends thats working on profeesional salon and they said that the titanum is les freezy, dull and it gives shine and less damage.

  2. I went crazy reading about titanium and ceramic but I ended up getting a flat iron that is ceramic AND titanium 🙂 So that’s always a better option, I mean as long as it has heat settings and what not. Mine’s by Karmin, very recommended by the way!

  3. Thank you for the information! I am planning to buy a new iron and this is exactly the information that I needed.

    To help you out with your frizzy and dry hair problem: mix castor oil, any light oil and glycerin in the ratio of 2:2:1 respectively. Let it sit for half an hour to an hour and wash it out with a clarifying shampoo. Do this once every week and in a month or so you will notice a considerable difference. My hair was quite in the state that yours is in now; I’d got it rebonded twice and coloured twice, and I styled it frequently. Using this mixture not only helped my get rid of dry hair, but it also prevented it from splitting or falling too much. 🙂

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