Love potion

This is a favorite of mine to do with the kids. My daughter and her cousin had a ball with this mixture. I always try to find different things that wont break the bank (Although my husband is always willing to pay for things if it’s pre made)SO, I will splurge at hobby lobby if able.  But that is also why I LOVE Pinterest.I don’t know about you, but I can’t just pick and chose random things out of my cabinets and know for sure they’ll create something awesome…Unless it’s for cooking. Sometimes not even then…

But, I knew baking soda and vinegar created an explosion of fizzy bubbles. I generally use the combination to unclog our drains from time to time.  I took the combination and  mixed in some glitter,detergent, and food coloring in a glass then allowed the kids to go for it. My little nephew was over joyed. He just wanted to play and get messy all the while saying, “Pop Pop Pop!”. Typical boy. My daughter just liked to watch. She’s the observer but liked to help pour the vinegar in the mixture to get it going.   I think it’s good for toddlers to get creative and messy. They’re kids after all.

Since this was so much fun to watch and see their eyes fill with wonder and joy, I think we will incorporate some slim in the future potions. What my husband and I really want to get is Dr. Dreadful food lab. Toys R Us is the best place for little science projects. I’d like to leave that part to daddy & daughter learning times though. Of course mommy will monitor and enjoy the fun to. But daddy is a kid at heart as well and I can’t reap the funnest all for myself. He needs to be included.So I hope to share some more innovative ways of learning science with my little sunshine and share the experience.



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