Magic Science!

Since my daughter loved doing the “Love potion” experiment, we decided to get more things that bring out the scientist in her.We took a trip to Toys R Us to see what experiments we can gather. We found a couple that we thought she would find more entertaining and could be hands on.

It’s called

picture 005 This had about five or six different experiments.From Fizzy fever to creating a magic wand.This kit included Citric acid,baking soda,four tubes,stand, vegetable oil,polyacrylamide,red cabbage juice powder,zinc sulfide and colored tablets.

Most of these ingredients you could probably find in your house already but at least we got the tubes and stand.

picture 019First we had to create her magic hat!

picture 011picture 014

Then gather our first ingredients to make her magic wand.

picture 018She loved watching the colors change and once the wand was complete and the water was absorbed into the  polyacrylamide she was able to play with it’s gummy crystals.

One of our favorites was the Glow In The Dark Bubble Potion.

Ingredients:Citric acid,baking soda,zinc sulfide,warm water,medium scoop and two test tubes.

We filled two test tubes with 1/3 warm water and added two scoops of baking soda to one on them and mixed by shaking.

Then we added two scoops of the citric acid to the second tube and shook to mix. (Put cap on first before shaking of course).

Then we poured in half of the zinc sulfide powder into the tube that had the baking soda.Shake to mix.

And poured the other half of the zinc into the tube with the citric acid.Shake.

Put the tubes by a light bulb for a few seconds then turn off the lights!They’ll glow!!

picture 045

picture 062We had tons of fun doing all these experiments!

picture 057She was able to be hands on and surprised! I love those moments!

Daddy felt like a kid again too. 😉


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