Mileena’s 1st birthday bash

I know there are going to be some critics out there asking why I decided to give a one year old a party.I want to create a book of childhood memories to give to Mileena when she turns eighteen.Each year I go with a different theme for her birthdays. I chose the theme by what she has been into for that year. If it’s Dora then I’ll throw a Dora and Boots Fiesta.From the year leading up to her first ,daddy and I got her into the gummy bear song. She loved music and would always bob her little head along with that green dancing gummy bear.So I started calling her my little gummy bear.Now you’ll know I’m referring to her if I say that.. I couldn’t find a “gummy bear” theme so I went with the Candy Land theme.It turned out CUTE and SWEET! I love party planning, so if I got the time and money I’ll try to make it the best.This year she is turning three. THREE! I can’t believe it! It’s enough that she’s walking,talking,deciding, and learning so much but to top it off with a number is just wrong.From  2012 til now she has been in Love with Mickey Mouse Club House. But I don’t necessarily want to do the whole clubhouse so I think I may tone it down to just making it a Minnie mouse jazz party. I’ve done the research and I believe it will be spectacular. Of course Mickey and the gang is invited. For her second we did a beach theme. I’ll get into that once I start on that post. 🙂

baby photos 003

I started out with the entrance. I bought the tree at Southern Hospitality for I think 20$. The glass candies hanging were 30 cents each. It was originally all white but I bought acrylic paints and painted it brown with the leafs green. I bought the 1st year signature bear at Toys R Us. The same with the Candy Land shapes game.She enjoyed placing the different shapes in the slot and watch them as they fell out.WalMart had the  letters so I painted those as well.

baby photos 106

The frame was from Toys R Us and just to cute not to get.Explains it all. I love the pictures I add from her first day out of the hospital leading up to the day before her party.

baby photos 005When guest entered they were greeted by a cardboard gingerbread man and woman. And we went to party city to get the balloon strip to attached the balloons accordingly to make a arch like structure. My sister in law and myself were out of breath just blowing up all those things.My brother in law drew the outline of the gingerbread man and woman and we painted them with the acrylics.

baby photos 012He also created the castle out of cardboard and I painted it the purple,blue and pink. Incorporated the heart. 🙂 Since it was a child’s party I wanted to add the ball pit. It fit well with keeping the kids from getting bored.

baby photos 032For the guest at the party I hired a lady from Candy Land creations (how ironic) to come in and decorate the candy buffet table. It was a hit! And very reasonably priced.

baby photos 107I bought  giant cupcakes and placed them in different locations at the party to use as picture props. Super cute! I believe I still have them.

baby photos 066Instead of a cake I decided to do cupcakes in a cone. It was convenient,cheap and easy.  But I did get a smash cake for the birthday girl .Had to have the smash cake. 🙂

baby photos 025I think the ants enjoyed the treats as well!

baby photos 035baby photos 008

As you can see the room was decorated colorfully and I used colored construction paper as the pathways leading to each table and to the castle.I covered a Styrofoam ball in icing and covered it in gummy bears,jellybeans and  placed inside a plant pot with edible grass around it. I also placed little marsh mellow cakes for each guest that sat at that table.Yes, I wanted to make everything as edible as possible.   Everyone thought it was very creative and adorable! I think Mileena would love it if I recreated this in the future. Perhaps when she’s four or five.

baby photos 016My little gummy bear was ready to party!!!

** Forgot to mention I also created a DVD of 1st timers for guest to watch as Mileena went through her firsts. Like her first bath,her first solids etc. I also incorporated my father (her abuelo) in the mix as a remembrance of him. He died when I was 13 weeks pregnant with her.


One thought on “Mileena’s 1st birthday bash

  1. You do such an awesome job , Amber. I am so proud of your artistic side. You will be every childs favorite mom on your kids list as they grow and make friends can’t wait to experience what you have for her 3rd birthday. I will not miss this one. Love you baby girl, love mom.

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