Mommy’s Secret Beauty Box.

We are excited to be moving into our new home in less then a couple of months. With this new chapter and great amount of space we can finally put the puzzle pieces together and find a place for everything. My husband isn’t really a hoarder,just unorganized. In this new house he can finally have a room for his computers and video games and his own closet to accommodate all his clothes. I thought I was bad about shopping..  I’ll have my own closet as well along with my own side of the bathroom sink (which will be so much better) to be able to organize all my personal products and such. It’s tough to keep up with everything when you have one sink and the both of us has baskets full of hygienic things.Not to forget our daughters cutesy ribbons and bows for her hair. So I am looking forward to organizing and having space. I also look forward to have bake/garage sales every month. That way we can earn a little extra income plus get rid of products that I never use. Does that ever happen to you? When you go to the store and see something you like and you get home use it once only to never use it again?? I got so much hair products and beauty products that I can’t keep up with. BUT, I’ve found a way to not buy and forget about things. I call it My Secret Beauty Box.

018015 016 I bought a recipe box from Walmart and was going to actually write down all my favorite recipes to help keep track and organized. Instead I’ve decided to write recipes, but for certain facials and home remedies. I’ll  put the Name,ingredients and time it’ll take on the front of card then the benefits and uses on the back of the card.This way I will be able to have a go to box for DIY’s and not forget about anything. I think once Mileena gets older she’ll appreciate it.I know I sure will.This way mommy has done all the research for her and even tried them all so that she’ll know they will help and be able to pass tips down to friends or her own kids. I don’t want to spend a lot of money going to a spa and if  I can do the job myself with ingredients already in my home,why not?!. All I need is peace and quiet, a big tub accompanied by candle light and soothing tunes. And when I need a good facial mask I’ll know where to look. 🙂


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