Sight Words

I found this easy DIY home learning craft from Pinterest (Hence Pinterest fixes). And thought I’d start using it. I took out a cookie sheet,letters and number magnets and we went to learning! I have to say this makes it more interesting for a toddler and so much fun! My daughter loves to take off and place back on the magnets from the refrigerator. Often times misplacing them in the process.So this was really a neat way to have them all together and teaching her at the same time. She loves when mommy and daddy read to her and often repeats and follows a long. She gets that from me. 😉 Her math skills will have to be acquired from her father. But she does very well.

I printed out what was called “Sight Word” worksheets and had her match each magnetic letter to the words.I helped her pronounce each letter and word once placed together correctly. I am so proud of the progress she is making! For only being two she already can count to 13 (on a good day) by herself and will see words on signs and stores and try to read them out to us. Every stop sign we past she has to immediately exclaim “Look, A HEXAGON!” Pssh, who needs “My baby can read” videos?

IMAG0553 IMAG0554

IMAG0555 IMAG0556

She literally could not get enough of matching and learning the words. I am even working on her writing skills. She has been able to write a W and M. Which was the easiest since they both can be the same. She’s knows if you turn M upside down it’ll turn to W.  But she’ll also write X’s and T’s. Again,  started with the easy letters without much curves. I do work with her on her name as well. In fact, that’s the first thing she wanted to spell instead of the sight words. So I decided to allow her and help her out in the process.


I am glad to be able to stay at home to watch her grow and learn. I’m sure she’d learn just as much if she was in pre-school. But I like knowing that once she is able to enter school she will be more prepared and excited.I love working with her and seeing her eyes light up once she’s discovered something new or knows she’s doing something correctly and understands what she’s learning better. What better way to bond too!She has even been so good with potty training that I’ve only had 2 clean ups in two days! She’s loving her big girl underwear and when I explain what they are for and how they’re used she repeats is back so that I know she’s listening. Such a good girl! I love my little gummy bear.


We even got creative in telling daddy we love him!






Good site Site Words Worksheets and Printables


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